A little something personal

     I haven’t been posting new work on here. For that, I am ashamed. Not because there hasn’t been new work, I’ve just been so busy I haven’t found those spare moments to post. If there’s actually anyone watching this blog thing, I apologize. 

     This post may make things better or worse, not sure. Because the work here isn’t BY me… it’s OF me. Or rather, of my family, by talented friend & carthage photog Whitney scott. Weird to be on the other side of the lens, but also feels good to be in very capable hands for my own family photos.

And even in posting these, I’m late… this was actually a month or two back. But we all look basically the same. 🙂 enjoy… and I promise to post new stuff soon!j

fun w/ photoshop… or is it?

well, that’s my family…. thanks again to Whitney for doing such an awesome job capturing us!

FALL SPECIALS (w/ a side of awesome sauce)

     It’s nearly fall. There’s something in the air. Something that makes people stop and say ‘oh crap, we need to get some family pictures done!’ That might not be your exact wording, but admit it, you’ve thought something like this. 

Or maybe… you’re a lovely lady whose wedding happens to be next year. You are either 

           a). about to get engaged                                                                                              

           b). ARE engaged (congrats!)

and it’s about that time to start planning things out for the big day in 2012. 

 Well I’ve got something for both categories! Listed out below are some fall goodies for those who have been thinking about booking 9art but have been waiting for that little incentive. If you have questions about anything or would like to jump on it and book, you can e-mail markn@9artphoto.com or call 417.622.1379. 


Note:: These specials only available to those who do not currently have a session booked with 9art. 



If you are a 2012 bride and you book by November 1st, 2011, you have access to some special pricing. 9art offers a range of packages to suit your budget and needs… there are also some newer offerings we’d like to let you know about. Here’s a couple of fun add-ons we are offering for a limited time only:


#1: 1/2 off 2nd shooter! We ordinarily offer a ‘2nd shooter’ as an add on for your day at a rate of $1000; until November 1st, we are slashing the price in half and offering it for $500. That’s essentially 2 photographers for the price of one… and Allyson Neely, our 2nd shooter, does a fantastic job…. we promise she is well worth it. 🙂

 what does a second shooter entail? E-mail me and I’ll be happy to elaborate. 

#2: free engagement session + 25 free wedding invitations (sweeeet 5 x 7 cards featuring clever design, the vital info for guests, & of course, your engagement pics). 


AND…. If you commit to packages 3 or 4, I’ll take $300 off the normal package price!

»»» Take a look at wedding packages & pricing HERE



I love families, and I want to cut you guys a deal too. So here’s a couple of fun offerings for families that book their session for a date that falls between October 15th & November 15th:


        #1:  $100 off any family package!

        #2:  new 6 x 6 ‘brag books’ only $65 (ordinarily $150) w/ purchase of 8 x 8 (book 

               or family package). These things make awesome gifts!

        #3:  book a mini portrait session for your kid(s) (20 minutes of camera time, in or 

               out of studio) and only pay $20 sitting fee! Perfect if you want just a couple 

               of great portraits of your kiddo, or maybe shots featuring their oh-so-cute 

               halloween costume!

»»» Take a look at family packages & pricing HERE

Laney’s 1st year :: session 1

    You met little Bennett a few months ago… well now he has a baby sister every bit as cute.  So excited to be working with the Robertsons as their family grows. These folks have been through a lot this year, having gone through the tornado and having been forced to bring the baby back home to a hotel rather than a home; but they are so sweet and their attitude so thankful as they re-settle into a new house. I am very glad to know them. 

Of course, the shoot was supposed to be all about Laney (now 2 months old), but a 2 year old isn’t always the best at staying out of the limelight… so hey there’s a few new pictures of Bennett as well. Enjoy!


Welcome to September, loyal fans.  I have a couple of things to say. Because sometimes (and only sometimes) a picture just doesn’t paint enough words

       I love you guys. 

       I couldn’t do what I do without your support. So thanks for every kind comment you’ve posted, every referral you’ve made, every friend you’ve showed my work to, for every ‘like’ you’ve hit up on the book of faces.

       I’ve had a studio presence in downtown joplin for 1 YEAR now. That’s pretty exciting. In that year a lot of things have happened, both good and bad; what’s important is we’re all still here, Joplin is going strong, and so is 9art.

So you clicked on this because I said something about announcements, and ‘I love you’ is a little lame for an announcement, I know… so here’s 5 9art FACTS that you should probably know in this last deadly month of summer…

(this list is better than the last list because it’s numbered).

       #1: the Third Thursday photobooth will resume as normal this month… so check September 15th off on your calendars.

       #2: I am holding a CONTEST to choose the theme this month for the photobooth. I can’t come up with all the good ideas on my own… so I want to see what you come up with. So head back over to facebook, and post your idea as a comment on my status. I’ll snatch up the one that sounds like the most fun and give the person with the original idea three free prints (8 x 10 or smaller) from this month’s photobooth.

       #3: I will be having a superfun SPECIAL to celebrate the 1st year for 9art being downtown. That special will be available in OCTOBER and will be announced on the 15th (the official 1 year mark.) 

       #4: Just a random reminder…. I take CREDIT CARDS now! woohoo!

       #5: I really like homeade chocolate chip cookies. If you bring me some at your next    

             session, I’ll probably give you a free print or something. seriously. I’m weak like that.

    And fine, fine, here’s a photo…. remember, you’ve to to at least match july’s theme to win that contest….