extreme makeover: home edition… The Howards

    Meet the Howards. I had the extreme (not too subtle, am I) privilege of working with these folks today. Not only are they just some great people, they are one of the 7 families who received the news today that they would have a brand new home built for them by Extreme Makeover: Home edition.

You can see the video of them receiving the news here on the abc news website.

It was a huge honor for me to be chosen by extreme makeover as one of the family photographers for the project; and it is so exciting to see this as well as 6 other very deserving families receive homes in what is the show’s largest endeavor by far.

The episode featuring Joplin will be Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’s 200th show. The amount of energy & volunteers being poured into the project is absolutely incredible as those involved race literally around the clock to build 7 homes in 7 days. 

Congratulations to the Howards- Kyle, Jill, Keenan, Konnor, Korbin, & Kaleb. 

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