Veronica + Adam :: engaged

    This is my favorite couple of the entire year. Pretty bold statement, I know. I might hurt some feelings there. Or maybe not, because, well… this is my sister & her fiancee (who happens to be my wife’s brother. interesting story there). So I hope none of you other awesome couples of 9art past & present will take offense at me singling these two out as my favorites. 

     Veronica & Adam will be married in about a week and a half. Just crazy… first of my (3) sisters to get married. Her being old enough to get married makes me feel a little old… just a little. But not in such a bad way.

Regardless of my oldness, I am more than happy for them. A very special preview of their engagement session that highlights their love of outdoors, vintage props, and being goofballs in general. Enjoy! 

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