Time to stop being so silly. (ok, maybe I’ll still be a little silly).

2012 feels huge. Not the hectic kind of huge that was 2011; a calmer, more streamlined huge that means cool stuff for 9art and a lot of hope for me personally. 


Here are some of my new years goals… I call them that, rather than resolutions… ah whatever. 🙂




#1: Refine the 9art brand. 


I am working with my very talented friend mr. Matt Spiel to re-imagine the logo and re-work the site. I’m also going to come up with some awesome new packaging. I can’t tell you how excited I am to put the finishing touches on a brand I’ve spent a long time working up to. 

#2: create a book dedicated to the May 22 Joplin tornado. 


I’ve built up quite a library of photographs taken after the storm. I know there have already been several books made, but I’m hoping that my perspective will be something a little different. The plan is to release the book on the 1 year anniversary of the twister.


#3: Work on my portfolio. 


This might be confusing to some. When a photographer whom I highly respect brought this up as something that has to be done, I was confused myself at first. Why work on a portfolio when you already have business? You don’t still need one, do you? 


The idea is that by poring over your own work, critiquing yourself, getting 2nd opinions, comparing & contrasting, narrowing down… through that process, you’ll find your strengths, your weaknesses, and come out with an honest collection of what ‘your best’ really is and an honest idea of what you need to work on. A difficult but valuable process, for any creative.


#4: become as efficient & fiercely dependable a business as possible. 


Being an ‘artist first, businessperson 2nd’ is an approach that’s worked ok for a long time, but I’ve had to learn a lot of things the hard way about running a professional grade business…. and learned that sometimes, you have to put aside the artist for a bit to put on some other hats. You can be the best artist in the world and still fail as a business if you don’t learn some of the other fundamentals.


 The goal is to streamline, evaluate, and organize- with the help of my valuable new intern- to get 9art to the point it should be.


#5: move into a new studio space. 


It’s possible that 2011 isn’t the year for this; but I’m feeling like it really could be. The current space has served me very well and I will definitely miss it if I move on, but I’m keeping an eye out for something different (some windows would be nice, for a start). Hoping to still stay downtown though!





Just 3 things here.

#1: Find a new pace. 


With the momentum that built up last year and just didn’t stop, I’ve gotten a little worn out. A little impatient. A little grouchy. I’ve started to become that guy that doesn’t have time for anything and forgets to relax, and I don’t want to be that guy. 


I’m looking forward to slowing down and learning to stay slowed down, even when things are busy. And I’m looking forward to working on being a calmer, more peaceful person with God’s help. 


#2: Get healthy. 


Nuff said. You’ve already read this on everyone elses’ new years’ resolution lists…


#3: Take more time for personal work & development. 


When you start your own business and it finally begins to take off a little, it’s easy to forget why you got into that line of work in the light of success. This is something else I don’t want to do. I don’t want to get stuck in a rut, or move clients through like studio cattle, forgetting what I love about what I do and forgetting to have fun and challenge myself creatively. 


So I have 3 personal series I’d like to complete this year. I have new techniques I’d like to learn. I have new equipment I’d like to play with. And I’m going to force myself to make the time to do it. 



That’s all, guys. If you read all this… I love you. seriously. I promise I won’t talk this much again until next year.

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