1st shoot of 2012:: Jeff + Dace!

     It’s the first shoot of the new year! And honestly, I don’t see how it could have started any more awesomely. (don’t question my words. If spellcheck didn’t highlight it, we’re good). 

    Jeff and Dace have one of the more unique stories from among the many couples I’ve worked with. For one, Dace (I will crudely present the pronunciation as ‘dahtzay’) is from Latvia; here for a brief couple of weeks on what is her first visit to the US. Jeff & Dace had never seen eachother in person until last month… having met on facebook through a friend earlier this year, and keeping up frequent communication over the past few months through fb, skype, & e-mail.

Oh, this modern world… so amazing. Also reminds me of a little fact about me I bet you didn’t know… I met my wife online as well! A bit less of a distance barrier, however. And that, ladies & gents, is another story for another time 🙂

    I have known Jeff a long time… he is an extremely talented local artist and a good friend, whose work I am proud to display in my own home. Even cooler is the fact that Dace, also, is a gifted artist. Even in spite of the distance between them, the couple have fallen in love and are now engaged. Crazy stuff!

    It was so hard narrowing down pictures from the shoot to share. Hope you enjoy!

starting things off w/ a shot of the couple holding portraits they did of eachother. Jeff’s sketch was done during the shoot! such talent between the two. 

I feel like this one was subconsciously norman rockwell inspired…

a genuine shared laugh in a local coffeeshop….

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