Oh hey.

Oh hey, blog.

Fancy seeing you at this intersection of the interwebs. You come here often?


You live here.





So yeah. If you follow me on this blog, you probably know I suck… my average lately has been about a post a month. I figured it’s about time to redeem this situation.
Here’s some news, for Mark 9schwander/9art photography. And I promise to be a more faithful poster from here on out…

#1: My family has been through a rough time lately. You all know about the tornado last year. God got us through that in an amazing way. But 2012 so far has not been the calm reprieve we’d hoped for from the last year… instead, my father in law became deathly ill about 6 weeks ago.

In a span of 3-4 days, Tim developed influenza, which turned into double pneuomonia, which led to a staph infection, which attacked most of his organs, shut off much of his circulation, and caused strokes. 

the good news is, things are looking up. In the last 2 weeks, he began showing responsiveness… he can’t talk yet, but he is smiling, crying, moving in response to commands, & giving other signs that he is ‘all there’ and is aware of his visitors and surroundings. After doctors telling us he would likely be a vegetable for life, this has been hugely encouraging. 

Many people have been praying for Tim. We have appreciated it more than we can say. 

Well, what a cheery way to open a blog, huh?

Here’s some other news. 

#2: 9art is now an LLC and in two weeks, will be an employer.  My lovely intern Michelle is coming on as an official employee, taking an editing load of my back and also helping with a varitey of other things such as book design work & sales/ordering appointments. 

She is ecstatic, I am ecstatic, and, well, you should be ecstatic. I’ve been a lone wolf for some time, and while it’s been a nice run like that, it’s getting a little old. Yes, it’ll still be me answering your e-mails, talking to you on the phone, and of course, taking your pictures… but not doing EVERYTHING myself. That means shorter wait times on pictures & books for my oh-so-patient clients, a better quality of life for yours truly, and a breath of fresh air into good ol’ 9art. 

#3: I finally got instagram. Yeah I know. I’m a little slow on the draw. What can I say? I’m a rebel. (for a little while, then I cave in). So here, ladies, & gents, is my first instagram photo, taken at one of my favoritest downtown eateries, the one and only ‘instant karma:’

PS- this last bit is for the guys, cuz I know you’re wondering. The stats: It is 9.95 and contains: two 1/3 lb patties, cheese, bacon, grilled onions, jalepenos, tomatoes, and a fried egg. All that snuggles sloppily between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Yes, it is fantastic. Yes, I would die by 35 if I ate one of these every day. 

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