A year of Olivia


    Everyone has their muse. Really, I have a whole lot of them (and of course, my own kids & wife are at the top). But today, I felt like highlighting this particular one. 

    Baby Olivia recently graduated from her ‘baby’s 1st year’ plan… one of 9art’s very first graduates. Year 1 has pretty easily blended into new shoots for Olivia’s brand new baby sister, who has started her own plan with Olivia now ‘guest starring’.

    Here are a few shots from the last year with miss Olivia. Love this little lady and so glad to be a part of this wonderful family’s life. My goodness how time flies!


And of course, I had to include a shot of the newest addition… baby Caroline!


Lauren + Aaron :::: engaged!!!

    ‘So I know this may sound stupid, but I have an idea’. 

   When I am talking with a client about their shoot and this is their opening sentence, I always get excited. Why? Because they have an idea. And I love that. Just that.

When you, the client, see the shoot as a collaboration, a chance to be creative, to have fun, to let your personality shine through, things are going to go so well and we are going to have such a blast, every time. 

     Lauren & Aaron are, of course, my latest example of what I’m talking about… Lauren had envisioned a cool outdoor bohemian sort of setup with a makeshift tent scene. I loved the idea and how it turned out. Besides that, these two are just really easy people to be around. Can’t wait to shoot their wedding reception in August!

     Which brings me to my 2nd point of this post… a sweet new approach to ‘save-the’dates’ and wedding invitations. A couple of these photos feature the fun new graphic overlays which I’m using to make invitations with, rather than a specific and more rigid template. There are plenty more of them and it’s going to be fun customizing each new couple’s cards!