Sarah & Cody :: engaged

     My ideal shoot will always produce an even mix of beautiful, quirky, and just plain ridiculous.

I think it goes back to my love for movies. Many of my favorite directors… The Coen brothers, Tim Burton, Sam Raimi… are equally capable of incredible, epic, and stunningly beautiful storytelling & imagery- but also campy, over-the-top playfulness. My top movies from such directors are often an unlikely blend of both… some quirky, unlikely hilarious moments as well as fantastic imagery and a great story.

Not that I don’t admire directors that specialize in just one style or another- from the silliness of director Jared Hess (napoleon dynamite, nacho libre), who still tells a silly story with amazing imagery, by the way- to the dark, moody, labyrinth storytelling that Christopher Nolan (the Dark Knight, Inception) is such a genius with. But when a filmmaker, or really any storyteller, can accomplish both silliness & beauty in the same story, I have a special respect for that, and hope to achieve something of the same feat in my own (much more sub par) storytelling efforts.

Sorry for the ramble- especially sorry to Sarah & Cody, whom this post is ACTUALLY about. All this to leads up to the fact that wonderful clients like this couple, inspire me in multiple ways- from the sweetness of their own special relationship, to the meaningful setting that they came to me with, to the wonderful sense of fun that they possess.

In this case, that sense of fun meant matching wolf T-shirts. (YES). It also meant Sarah giving me the idea to do the shoot in a lost little town called Cato, KS, which her family is closely tied to. Only 2 buildings and a bridge remain- but they perfectly set the tone for this amazing session.

Sarah & Cody- as well as all my other awesome clients- you inspire me. Can’t wait for the wedding! 


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