Louis + Amanda :: MARRIED!

    I’ve had a little hiatus from weddings the last couple of months… it was nice, but it’s also rewarding getting back to it. Louis & Amanda had, I believe, the best possible wedding for me to enter the season on; relaxed, funny, and absolutely full of pure JOY. You will be hard pressed to find a couple that were as genuinely happy throughout their day as these two were. 

   I also knew a few of the folks, and was happy to see nearly the entire ‘geek squad’ from best buy (a crew I’ve gotten to know after several technological disasters that best buy was recruited to help me solve…) either in the wedding party or filming from the sidelines. 

   And last but not least, I have to mention that this is also the 1 year anniversary for Jon & Whitney Hamilton… remember those two from last year? They sacrificed their anniversary day to be in Louis & Amanda’s wedding party… what a sweet pair!


As a special little note… Bud & Billie- pictured here w/ Louis- were some of my very first Joplin clients a few years back, when I shot some of my first ‘couple portraits’ for their 50th wedding anniversary. It was such an incredible surprise to see them here at this wedding and learn they were Louis’ grandparents!

And here, at the very end, is a pic from Jon & Whitney’s wedding last year. Happy wedding Louis & Amanda… and happy anniversary, Jon & whitney! 🙂


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