Samantha + Josh:: husband & wife!

    you might remember this couple from the engagement pictures a few weeks back. Now they’re all done married… a truly beautiful day with some fantastic natured people. 

    Yes, my wedding blog posts have gotten longer… I got a groovin’ new app that helps me bundle photos together quickly and I’m going a little crazy with it. Plus I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it is to narrow down an entire wedding day to a brief blog post.

Bear with me! 🙂


(possibly my favorite) »»>


so this post is so long I had to put a break in here somewhere. click for much more!

can’t even stand it.

when I saw these golf carts, I immediately knew what had to be done…

the top photo was so cute, I had to show it to the bride. The 2nd photo is her reaction.

I really do love grandparents w/ cameras at weddings. I need to make a separate little gallery just made up of all the hilarious pictures of ‘camera duels’ I’ve had with them at various weddings! Here’s my new favorite… only this time, thanks to facebook, I got the unexpected benefit of seeing HER picture of ME as well! 

the fellow in the lower right corner cracks me up. Enjoying being able to escort not one, but TWO lovely ladies…

beautiful setting and perfect time of day! I love sunset weddings…

1st dance!!

had a few downtime moments to pull together a brief slideshow for the wedding party to see during the reception. Of course, I had to take a picture of them looking at the pictures…

this was the dance to see who’s been married the longest… there was a bit of confusion toward the end, however, with determining which of the final 3 couples had actually earned the title… it was a pretty close call!

And finally, I’m ending on a couple of photos featuring a little trick I’ve wanted to try for awhile… fun with sparklers! Thanks to Samantha for inspiring me to give it a try… what a great way to top off the day!

you can see just a hint of how this was done in the left photo below… our sparkler volunteer wasn’t quite fast enough to be invisible on this one!

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