baby caroline:: session #2 (baby’s 1st year)

    Those Eidson kiddos are back… woohoooooo! Mom Sarah had, of course, yet another amazing location staked out for us in Springfield, MO… the gorgeous home of her good friend Amy.

I LOVE old houses, and this one has been restored to perfection, with about 137 different spots I could have used to shoot. Of course the focus was not the house, but rather adorable little Caroline and her big sister Olivia… so while I admit I feel I did not even begin to do the home justice, I am very happy with the pictures we got of these little cuties. 

The pool shots were my favorite… so much color, contrast, & overall adorableness!!

here’s a shot to make you say ‘awwww!’

and here’s a shot to make you saw ‘awwww!’ while also laughing a lot.

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