Kristen + Billy:: married


Crazy, hilarious, fun. Billy & Kristen are a couple to not take their wedding day toooo seriously (of course they take the marrying each other part seriously)

– and all for the better. From the gorgeous preparation shots to the ridiculous reception ones, this was a great day to shoot! 🙂

more after the break!

kristen’s brothers got to co-serve as flower girls! 

you can only hold the romantic poses for so long before a little of this has to slip out.

It was important to the couple to do a couple of shots by the (still standing) cross of st Mary’s… so cool!

I love this guy. Another to add to my growing album of fun relatives w/ cameras at weddings….

a cruel penance for whoever ‘lost’ (made less) the dollar dance… push ups, for both bride & maid of honor…

how else would a football player do the garter ‘toss’?

A fun little game where bride & groom had the chance to hold up the shoe of whomever they felt qualified best for the question asked. The question in this shot might’ve been something along the lines of ‘who will be in charge of the checkbook?’ I am pretty sure it wasn’t ‘who will wash the dishes’…

and then everyone BOOGIED!

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