Beverly + Dillon :: engagement

      So…. my clients are awesome. For reals. What makes Dillon & Beverly awesome? Well they bribed me, for one. They gave me this tomato plant. How awesome is that? Told you.

Ok, so they’re not just awesome because they bribed me. It was also nice to share some great laughs and get to know these two better. 

The couple has a fantastic garden- of which I’m more than a little jealous- and of course we started there. We moved into stealing a few blackberries from the neighbors’ yard (the neighbors weren’t picking any, someone had to!) getting some shots in front of their lovely home, and then exploring downtown bentonville. Such a great night, and I really enjoyed hanging out in bentonville for the evening.

I might’ve said this a time or two before after an engagement session… but I can’t wait for the wedding! 🙂

so guilty….

ended it with a not-so-typical ring shot… love it!!!

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