Recently, I had the awesome privilege of being asked to cover a ‘make-a-wish’ event in our very own Joplin Missouri. The recipient was a boy named Marty, and he actually had two wishes granted. The first was to be able to go to disneyworld- and, before you get jealous, no I didn’t get invited to that one. 🙂

I did get to take some photos during the fulfillment of the second wish however- which was for Marty to be able to host a glow in the dark party for all of his classmates. So fun… pro DJ’s donated their time, and a huge make-a-wish team banded together to make everything happen. Thanks to the Bridge here in Joplin for lending out their location, and to all the make-a-wish folks for making Marty’s dreams come true.

I am honored to have been able to capture a small essence of the evening.

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