It’s that time…

   I started playing ‘bing crosby holiday’ on my pandora, and whelp, look what happened.

   It made me think about how I needed to give my loyal (and new) patrons a chance to have some awesome pictures taken for their christmas cards.

[NOTE: flip to the bottom off the post to hear about christmas offer 2.]

I know what some of you are thinking…. Christmas in the STUDIO? Sounds shopping-mall-cheesy-nasty. Well, it won’t be. (it can be cheesy, but intentionally so. if so). I want these to be fun, casual… plenty of room for improvisation w/ both serious & goofy ‘props’ available and a vintage feel. Think of it as a Christmas themed photobooth

Something fun you’d WANT to have on christmas cards!

   Here’s the scoop::

  • It’s november 17th, in the studio (downtown joplin).
  • there will be slots to fill all day, 9:30 am to 6pm. Pick yours ASAP- first come, first serve.
  • sitting fee is $25 for a 30 mn ‘mini session’.
  • props & a lovely retro christmas set up will be available. 
  • we will be offering some special christmas packages for this occasion only.

we have some fantastic christmas card templates that I’d really like you to see. Here’s a few examples, all jammed up together:

if you want to get christmas cards and have already TAKEN your family pictures this year, we can certainly use the pictures we’ve already got. The above examples are used from full sessions. 


Have you had a 9art session this year and ordered a book from it? If so, you qualify for my 2nd holiday special: 1/2 price books for the month of november. Just remember… you’re not going to find a better gift for grandparents than this.

        10 x 10 (normally $400):  $200

          8 x 8 (normally $300):    $150

          6 x 6 (normally $200):    $100

If you place your order before December 1st, we will honor this special offer, and we can guarantee delivery by Christmas! So don’t put it off. 🙂

And yes. You have to have already ordered a book at full price.

If you have questions about any of this, don’t hesitate to get ahold of me.

                    phone:: 417.622.1379


Happy pre-holidays!

frontline (on stage)!

   had the pleasure of shooting local worship group frontline recently; they called me back in to get some shots of them in ACTION! 

    While I certainly had some lighting challenges since we didn’t have the stage lighting of a bigger concert venue, I feel we got some really solid shots. I enjoyed capturing the group’s personalities in the first shoot, and here, their passion as performers!

baby Keagan: this kid is ONE YEAR OLD!

     This is the fourth and final session for baby Keagan’s 1st year. I always have mixed emotions when another baby’s first year comes to a close… awesomeness that they’ve been in this world a whole year already/excitement that now we get to make them their awesome 1 year book… and then, of course a little sad that it happened so fast.

    Really, I should stop being so dramatic… it’s not the end of the WORLD and it’s not like I’ll stop taking pictures of this little guy or anything…

   Keagan’s parents Kim & Nathan are good friends of mine & my own kids love mr. Keagan too, especially my little girl who screams ‘KEAAAAAGAN!’ every time she sees the business card I have w/ this boy on it. Makes me laugh.

    Enough talk: pictures!

If Keagan won’t wear the loran mustache, guess who WILL?

Max on the move! 2 yr session

    Max is a kiddo w/ a pretty awesome toddler advantage; his parents own a gym. You know how little boys like to scoot around as much as possible… but most don’t have constant access to poles, trampolines, & gymnastic know how. 

    So, of course, we started this session off at ‘Amplify’ gym here in Joplin, owned by some mutual friends of mine & Leslie & Casey, Max’s parents. We then headed to a relative’s house to finish up. Couldn’t have asked for a cuter kid or better outfits/props… I think I had even more fun photographing this session than I did Max’s 1 year session back in 2011. 

   I live for shoots like this! 🙂

a ‘behind the scenes’ shot…. 🙂

love the way he hops down steps. Max’s super movement is certainly not confined to the gym….

Max’s much loved cousin. She’s a princess, in case you couldn’t tell.


teresa & zach

I don’t really need to say a lot about this shoot; I think it’s one where the pictures speak for themselves. I just want to say THANK YOU so much to Teresa & Zach- whose wedding I get to shoot next year- for setting up our shoot at a local airport, one of the coolest locations I’ve ever gotten to use.

AND we even lucked out in being there the evening the met life blimp was in town and hanging out at the airport… 

got a plane taking off in this shot… 

not usually a black and white guy, but MAN I love this shot like this….

can’t post this w/out a shout-out to our friend chris… w/out him, this shoot would not have been possible. Chris works at the airport moving planes around- he helped us out so much not only giving us access but also helping out w/ my lights & pulling some planes in & out for us during the evening. 

got another quick one after dark… didn’t realize the blimp lit up at night! 🙂

little bit of fun w/ night photography. 


yep. it’s that time again. last one of the season….

don’t know what the photo booth is? Well check out a sampling HERE from the last year of photo booths here in downtown Joplin.



    I’m excited about this post. The first reason is selfish… I get to pull out my brand new logo (recently re-imagined by my good designer friend Matt Spiel from Midwestern Interactive) and slap it all over some photos. I’ve been looking forward to seeing how it looks on an actual photograph, and I had ample opportunity to play with it in this batch (hence the variety of colors, transparencies, & placements of said logo on the following batch of pictures).

    Second reason for excitement is just that I enjoy shooting musicians and don’t often have an opportunity to do so. This is my second time working with Ozark Christian College’s worship group ‘Frontline’… they switch out some members every year, and so I have the pleasure of being called in for the fresh new batch of pictures every year.  Since I joke about shooting everything as if it were a band… well it’s nice to actually shoot a band every now and again. 


…not every band can be super serious all the time. Sometimes they pose like velociraptors.

beth & nick :: engagement

     We’re going to start with the pretty pictures. We’ll end with the dinosaur.

    I know, I know. you scrolled to the end. Well thanks for at least coming back up here to read this. It shows you care.

Anyway. the point is that Beth & Nick are pretty awesome, and I am so excited to shoot their wedding in january!! We did this session out at Beth’s family home- the road their driveway branches off of is called ‘deer lane’ and it was true to its’ name, as 4 deer meandered across the road right before I pulled in. An absolutely beautiful and peaceful property, complete with a nice little pond & dock. We started on that dock…

you can do strictly romantic pictures for only so long before that inevitable question arises… ‘where do I put my hands?!’ Not there, Nick. not there.

back to romantical. (shhh. romantical is so a word).

the shoot quickly became a night shoot… and instead of panicking that I was out of light, I thought fast and took advantage of the lighting on hand. The result was a lot more magical than I even anticipated. Love the following shots…

and lastly. the dinosaur shot. As requested by the couple… who are huge ‘Jurassic park’ fans… I did a lot of photosh…  I mean, I ran in front of the jeep and snapped pictures on the fly as a T-Rex closed in from behind. Luckily, we all escaped.

Not so luckily, you’ve learned that photoshopping T-Rexes is not my photographic specialty. Really, in the end, I’m ok with that.  

PS- side note… I just had to point out that the couple is actually NOT photoshopped onto this background. the lighting just makes it look that way. weird? weird. 

Beverly + Dillon:: MARRIED!!!! (part 1)

    This is one of the absolute sweetest couples I’ve ever worked with. Seriously. To top it off, we had an amazing location… the gorgeous springhouse gardens here in Joplin, Missouri. What made this spot much more meaningful than usual is the fact that Dillons family once lived on the property. Many stories were told about the springhouse and you could see the nostalgic twinkle in everyones’ eye as they celebrated the day. 

We also had an absolute PERFECT day; sun shining and 73 degrees. Thank you to the wedding party, the family, and especially Beverly & Dillon for being so incredibly kind, fun, and a delight to photograph! 

     That’s all for part 1. part 2 can be found on facebook… see you there!