beth & nick :: engagement

     We’re going to start with the pretty pictures. We’ll end with the dinosaur.

    I know, I know. you scrolled to the end. Well thanks for at least coming back up here to read this. It shows you care.

Anyway. the point is that Beth & Nick are pretty awesome, and I am so excited to shoot their wedding in january!! We did this session out at Beth’s family home- the road their driveway branches off of is called ‘deer lane’ and it was true to its’ name, as 4 deer meandered across the road right before I pulled in. An absolutely beautiful and peaceful property, complete with a nice little pond & dock. We started on that dock…

you can do strictly romantic pictures for only so long before that inevitable question arises… ‘where do I put my hands?!’ Not there, Nick. not there.

back to romantical. (shhh. romantical is so a word).

the shoot quickly became a night shoot… and instead of panicking that I was out of light, I thought fast and took advantage of the lighting on hand. The result was a lot more magical than I even anticipated. Love the following shots…

and lastly. the dinosaur shot. As requested by the couple… who are huge ‘Jurassic park’ fans… I did a lot of photosh…  I mean, I ran in front of the jeep and snapped pictures on the fly as a T-Rex closed in from behind. Luckily, we all escaped.

Not so luckily, you’ve learned that photoshopping T-Rexes is not my photographic specialty. Really, in the end, I’m ok with that.  

PS- side note… I just had to point out that the couple is actually NOT photoshopped onto this background. the lighting just makes it look that way. weird? weird. 

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