I’m excited about this post. The first reason is selfish… I get to pull out my brand new logo (recently re-imagined by my good designer friend Matt Spiel from Midwestern Interactive) and slap it all over some photos. I’ve been looking forward to seeing how it looks on an actual photograph, and I had ample opportunity to play with it in this batch (hence the variety of colors, transparencies, & placements of said logo on the following batch of pictures).

    Second reason for excitement is just that I enjoy shooting musicians and don’t often have an opportunity to do so. This is my second time working with Ozark Christian College’s worship group ‘Frontline’… they switch out some members every year, and so I have the pleasure of being called in for the fresh new batch of pictures every year.  Since I joke about shooting everything as if it were a band… well it’s nice to actually shoot a band every now and again. 


…not every band can be super serious all the time. Sometimes they pose like velociraptors.

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