Max on the move! 2 yr session

    Max is a kiddo w/ a pretty awesome toddler advantage; his parents own a gym. You know how little boys like to scoot around as much as possible… but most don’t have constant access to poles, trampolines, & gymnastic know how. 

    So, of course, we started this session off at ‘Amplify’ gym here in Joplin, owned by some mutual friends of mine & Leslie & Casey, Max’s parents. We then headed to a relative’s house to finish up. Couldn’t have asked for a cuter kid or better outfits/props… I think I had even more fun photographing this session than I did Max’s 1 year session back in 2011. 

   I live for shoots like this! 🙂

a ‘behind the scenes’ shot…. 🙂

love the way he hops down steps. Max’s super movement is certainly not confined to the gym….

Max’s much loved cousin. She’s a princess, in case you couldn’t tell.


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