teresa & zach

I don’t really need to say a lot about this shoot; I think it’s one where the pictures speak for themselves. I just want to say THANK YOU so much to Teresa & Zach- whose wedding I get to shoot next year- for setting up our shoot at a local airport, one of the coolest locations I’ve ever gotten to use.

AND we even lucked out in being there the evening the met life blimp was in town and hanging out at the airport… 

got a plane taking off in this shot… 

not usually a black and white guy, but MAN I love this shot like this….

can’t post this w/out a shout-out to our friend chris… w/out him, this shoot would not have been possible. Chris works at the airport moving planes around- he helped us out so much not only giving us access but also helping out w/ my lights & pulling some planes in & out for us during the evening. 

got another quick one after dark… didn’t realize the blimp lit up at night! 🙂

little bit of fun w/ night photography. 

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