baby Keagan: this kid is ONE YEAR OLD!

     This is the fourth and final session for baby Keagan’s 1st year. I always have mixed emotions when another baby’s first year comes to a close… awesomeness that they’ve been in this world a whole year already/excitement that now we get to make them their awesome 1 year book… and then, of course a little sad that it happened so fast.

    Really, I should stop being so dramatic… it’s not the end of the WORLD and it’s not like I’ll stop taking pictures of this little guy or anything…

   Keagan’s parents Kim & Nathan are good friends of mine & my own kids love mr. Keagan too, especially my little girl who screams ‘KEAAAAAGAN!’ every time she sees the business card I have w/ this boy on it. Makes me laugh.

    Enough talk: pictures!

If Keagan won’t wear the loran mustache, guess who WILL?

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