It’s that time…

   I started playing ‘bing crosby holiday’ on my pandora, and whelp, look what happened.

   It made me think about how I needed to give my loyal (and new) patrons a chance to have some awesome pictures taken for their christmas cards.

[NOTE: flip to the bottom off the post to hear about christmas offer 2.]

I know what some of you are thinking…. Christmas in the STUDIO? Sounds shopping-mall-cheesy-nasty. Well, it won’t be. (it can be cheesy, but intentionally so. if so). I want these to be fun, casual… plenty of room for improvisation w/ both serious & goofy ‘props’ available and a vintage feel. Think of it as a Christmas themed photobooth

Something fun you’d WANT to have on christmas cards!

   Here’s the scoop::

  • It’s november 17th, in the studio (downtown joplin).
  • there will be slots to fill all day, 9:30 am to 6pm. Pick yours ASAP- first come, first serve.
  • sitting fee is $25 for a 30 mn ‘mini session’.
  • props & a lovely retro christmas set up will be available. 
  • we will be offering some special christmas packages for this occasion only.

we have some fantastic christmas card templates that I’d really like you to see. Here’s a few examples, all jammed up together:

if you want to get christmas cards and have already TAKEN your family pictures this year, we can certainly use the pictures we’ve already got. The above examples are used from full sessions. 


Have you had a 9art session this year and ordered a book from it? If so, you qualify for my 2nd holiday special: 1/2 price books for the month of november. Just remember… you’re not going to find a better gift for grandparents than this.

        10 x 10 (normally $400):  $200

          8 x 8 (normally $300):    $150

          6 x 6 (normally $200):    $100

If you place your order before December 1st, we will honor this special offer, and we can guarantee delivery by Christmas! So don’t put it off. 🙂

And yes. You have to have already ordered a book at full price.

If you have questions about any of this, don’t hesitate to get ahold of me.

                    phone:: 417.622.1379


Happy pre-holidays!

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