David & Pam

   I met David a few years back when I first started working at starbucks… he’s been a (almost) daily regular for some time, and we always had fun chats since he was interested in photography himself. I still see him fairly often, since starbucks is pretty much my 2nd office. So I was pretty excited when he said he’d like to set up a session w/ he and his wife!

 I don’t often get to work with seasoned couples who have been at this marriage thing for a bit. Most of my couples are just starting out. Which is awesome, when the love is new and exciting and passionate. 

But I think it’s even more awesome to have a couple to inspire the rest of us by showing how in love you can be after being a couple for decades. I got to hear their story… them being set up on a blind date after David’s military time… I got to see Pam still giving David ‘those eyes’, and he is obviously still a smitten man. 

Hope these pictures can inspire you too. 🙂

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