Ashley:: senior pictures

   Ashley is a Galena, KS senior w/ an eye for what’s cool. The downtown look fit her pretty awesomely, so that’s what we went with one chilly friday morning, braving a 29 degree windchill for some pictures.

Good thing you can’t SEE wind in pictures, because in spite of it these turned out beautifully. Ashley’s fair skin & dark hair popped along with some colorful clothing choices; I worked to compliment her wardrobe selection w/ matching colors in the area near my studio.

Red chairs, yellow parking lot signs & a super blue sky… did I mention I love COLOR?

behind the scenes w/ Ashley’s mom & brother (and 9art’s own Michelle!) sometimes it ttakes an army…

hanging out at Joplin Avenue Coffee company… one of downtown joplin’s coolest spots!

I feel Ashley had a perfect ‘film noir’ look going on w/ this next setup….


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