the Greers

   the Greers are among a larger family that holds a soft place in my heart. A soft place because back over a year-and-a-half-ago, after I lost my home, belongings, and yes, my camera in a tornado- Aanna Greer participated in a blog effort on my behalf.

Doesn’t sound powerful? Well it was. Aanna, Lance, Colby, Ellie, Jason, and a few others worked hard to raise money for me to replace my livelihood, my income, my passion- my camera.

That being said, it’s so awesome now that Aanna, her super-cool husband Logan, and their beautiful daughter Valentine ( I LOVE this name) are in front of the lens of the very camera that they helped me buy.

These people are also just really sweet and really fun. This session- set in the forest that this family frequents on long walks- is just gorgeous. Enjoy!


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