CYBER MONDAY (yes, we can do it too)

    The dust has settled. I’ve gotten in my time off. I’ve gotten in my own shopping. Now that I’ve had a chance to catch my breath, I sat down to set up a few specials of my own for the one-and-only CYBER MONDAY.

                                                             Here we go….


  • 30% off gift certificates [can-not be purchased for your own session!]

                   gift certificates can be purchased for amounts of $50, $100, $200, or $500.        

                   they are good as print credit/session-fee credit toward any type of session.

                    today only:     $50 cert for $35        I      $100 cert for $70

                                          $200 cert for $140    I      $500 cert for $350

  • 40% off of all session books ordered today; 60% off of additional ones.

                    If you were thinking about ordering a book from you recent session or even a     

                    session from earlier this year, now is the time to do it!

                     8 x 8 books will be$180 (usually $300) and 6 x 6s will be $120 (usually

                    $200). Even deeper discounts on additional books added to the order (or on

                    an extra session book if you’ve already ordered one earlier in the year).

  • 20% off of 16 x 24 and 24 x 36 metal, framed, or canvas wall portraits.
                      I’m going to let you guys do the math on this one. check out our rates page
                      to see the original prices… just take 20% off if you order or pre-order today!

GOOD thru DEC 1st: 

  • 30% off  of  christmas cards

                  christmas cards normally $100 for each pack of 25; if you order or pre-order                                              

                    them this week, you’ll get them for $70 per pack of 25.

  • lo-res disk specials

                 our custom-printed, lo resolution (facebook quality- 850 pixels, 72dpi)

                  session disks are normally priced at $200; order one this week for $60. 

For questions or to go ahead and place your orders… call (417)-622-1379 before 5pm, or e-mail before midnight tonight. Happy shopping!

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