Owen’s superawesome 1st birthday party

Owen is the adorable son of some long standing clients of mine. I shot Nikki & Ryan’s wedding 3 years ago, their brand new baby last december, and now that baby is 1 year old! 

 Getting to photograph this incredibly well planned visual feast of a party was SO much fun. Already planning out the book that we’ve planned to make, to truly be able to remember the event the way it should be remembered!

More pictures to be posted soon from a full shoot with this awesome little family.

Now, PARTY time! this post may be a bit longer than usual, but we’ve got to see this party through from beginning to end.

                                                                       beginning           I            end

skipping to the end.

wait! back up! let’s go back to the beginning and take a look at the decor…

enter the little man!

exit the little man! Then retrieve a shoe and enter again….

Ryan got up at 3am the night before to put this pork in the smoker. Best pulled pork I’ve ever had. No exaggeration.

nobody knows how to enjoy a party like THIS dude.

bring on the CAKE!

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