Life after Aesthetics

I rarely plug anything on here other than, well, myself. So I’m not sure if plugging someone else is better than worse or that, but I certainly consider this worth mentioning.

A personal moment here. Things I am greatly passionate about include:



-art (that is, a more specific, intentional category of beauty). 

These are things that drive me, drive my work, drive my interests. One of my best friends in the world shares these passions, but his area of specialty leads him to delve into them through a different art form than mine… the art of words. This friend is Lance Schaubert, an amazing up-and-coming author who has just released his first kindle book on amazon, ‘Life after Aesthetics’

The short book deals with the subjects above, and how they relate. It’s a wonderful read, filled with that passion that Lance is so full of (that often inspires me), and infused with a great sense of humor as well. It will make you think and make you laugh, whether you’re a Christian or not, and I highly encourage you read it.

One more reason to download it… it’s free if you get it today. If you’re coming across this post later, no worries…. it’s only $3.99 and still well worth it.

(yes, I did take the cover photo. I did not expect it to be used as the cover of ANYTHING when I took it, but I’m not sorry that’s how it ended up….) 


As a side note, Lance and I will be collaborating soon on a personal project that I am beyond excited about. Can’t tell you any more than that at the moment… but stay tuned! 


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