I’m back. And I won some stuff!

    Have I really not posted since Christmas? 

Geez. I don’t know whether to say ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘you’re welcome’ to those that actually follow this blog…but geez.

Well, I’M BACK! A quick recap: 

      – I took 3 weeks off work after Christmas. Yes, it was awesome. Yes, it was (nearly) too good to be true, because for the last couple of weeks I’ve been SCRAMBLING to get caught back up. That being said, it was worth it to spend some awesome family time and rest the soul for a bit. 

    Now what? Well I’ve got a couple of announcements this week… and this post will be devoted to the first one. 

    I found out this week that I’d been accepted into two different competitions. I don’t enter competitions often… well, honestly, these will probably be the only two I enter this year… so I’m pretty excited and honored that I made into not one, but both of these.

   The first competition is the national photospiva…hosted here in Joplin.
Out of hundreds of entries, I was one of the 80 or so photogs that made it in. The best part is, the image that made it was a shot of Michelle’s little girl Ava (Michelle being 9art’s right hand man…er… woman).

Of course I could tell you go see the image for yourself- along with some much more impressive artistic photography than mine- between March 9 & May 5 at George A. Spiva center for the arts here in Joplin. But if you’re not local (the only excuse I’ll give you for not catching this awesome & inspiring exhibit), here’s my shot. 


Next up…. the Joplin Addy’s. What’s that? It’s an advertising competition in which ad agencies compete for best work done in advertising over the last year. I entered some photography under the ‘elements of advertising’ sub-section. I don’t know how high I placed, but I know I got in. It’s a confirmation that commercial work is becoming a mainstay of my business and I’m just having a whole lot of fun doing it.

Here’s the four shots I entered, all taken for the Joplin Convention & Visitors bureau & featured in a variety of state & nationwide publications.

  • [The campaign was called ‘this is my joplin’… each shot features a joplin resident in a different setting… for the purpose of letting you know we’ve got a pretty great town here.]

The first shot actually features Patrick Tuttle FROM the Joplin convention & visitors’ bureau… the image was used in a spread to show that Joplin is a great place to host conventions and such for business folks. 

This one is for sure my favorite… this gentleman has been a native of the area all his life, and it turns out he grew up 5 mn from where I did and married a Joplin girl… just like me. 🙂 We took the shot at carousel park. Love the lighting this time of day and the great job he did ‘modeling’ for me.

Robin works at the audubon center and represented the ‘nature side’ of things in Joplin. We took this shot down under the old bridge at Reddings Mill. It’s nice to think about what a beautiful summer morning this was…. as it’s 30 degrees now…

This is Jackie from Hackett’s Hot Wings…everybody around here knows Hacketts’ has the best wings in town. Her shot served to represent dining here, and rightly so!

Entered this next one under a separate category…. my shot of the Scotts of Whitney Scott photography, for a Christmastime national ad campaign for Black River Imaging.