Ok, so there’s nothing THAT exciting. But I do want to keep you faithful few posted on latest happenings, so here goes….

#1: I currently have a photograph up at the annual photo exhibit photospiva. The exhibit features entries from all over the place, and it is a huge honor to have made it in. 

here’s the image that made it:



Of course, it just doesn’t look as good here as it will in person. Plus, here, you only get to see my one image… not the 70+ other pieces from amazing photographers young and old.  My mind is always blown by the amount of talent and the diversity of style in this show. So if you live in (or near) Joplin, Missouri… please come check it out.

#2: My friend lance schaubert and I are 75% done shooting for our new project, cold brewed. This is the biggest, most challenging, and most fun personal project I’ve ever worked on. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, Cold Brewed is:

      -a film noir inspired story, told through words and pictures.  

To keep up on progress made in our little story, you can follow via facebook. In the meanwhile… here’s our first official poster, as well as as some fun outtakes…


We’ll start with my partner in crime… Lance himself. He’s one of the few that can match my general enthusiasm.


another cast member (miss Abby DeWelt) snapped this pic of me… 


Lance applying makeup to Caleb while Jake… acts like Jake.

sometimes, there are more people making a shot happen than you think there are…


Caleb lookin’ tough on set… T-U-F-F! (kinda looks like a rap album cover).


Campbell isn’t being as creepy as he looks… he was afraid I’d fall off the desk while I was standing on it for the shot… yep, I stand on things a lot.


That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more… to be in on it immediately when we begin posting actual story content to the site, follow here

Talk to you all soon!



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