MY kids

    Sometimes, I forget to pull the camera back out on my ‘off’ time to capture some images of my own kiddos. I had a recent weekend where that thought hit me, and this time, I pulled out a light, snatched my camera, and started shooting my kids where they played in our own backyard. 

     Maggie (now 2) is not so much a fan of the camera. I’ve chosen to leave out the shot where I told Harry to put his arm around her. Silly me, thinking I could make that happen…but I love her mean-muggin’ expressions all the same. 

   Harry (now 4) is pretty much the complete opposite. This little man was BORN for the camera, giving me pretty much a brand new expression every second I’m shooting. Honestly, it’s scarier than the one that won’t pose at all.

    Love watching their personalities develop….the both certainly have a LOT of personality. Impromptu photo shoots are the best!


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