Shanon & Kyle

    Shanon & Kyle’s recent engagement shoot was more fun than I can shake a… camera… at. (‘Cept that would’ve made for blurry pictures).

    One of my favorite parts of working with a client is the part that happens before I ever pick up a camera, or before the day of the shoot even rolls around. It’s when we sit down to


     which is a thing that is easy to forget to do. But brainstorming can mean everything. When we get to take that time to collaborate and I have the opportunity to challenge my subjects to think about what makes them who they really are, great things happen. 

 This shoot basically functioned as an ongoing series in which each idea led into another, all taking place at the home that Shanon & Kyle built together.

  Hope you have fun looking through these!


it’s all lovey-dovey until the 2nd level. 


some people kind of get into it. 





we switched from Kyle’s favorite hobby to Shanon’s- painting. 


loved the silhouettes here. 

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