Alyssa & Garen

  Garen attended Mizzou university in Columbia, MO and is now an engineer. There is a strong superstition at the school. According to legend, anyone who crosses over the clover (shown below) will fall in love with an engineer.

The first time Alyssa hung out w/ Garen after high school (as friends only), he told her about this.

Her response?

To step over the clover defiantly and respond that she would never fall in love with an engineer.

They get married next April. 

Now THAT’S funny.

Hopefully this outrageous photo does this little story some justice… 


Alyssa Stuart is one of those names I’ve seen pop up a million times under the ‘likes’ under photos on the 9art facebook page for the last couple of years. 

    And now, it’s HER turn to be in photos getting liked… 🙂

   I had so much fun traveling to Columbia, where Alyssa & her fiance Garen live. Self admitted nerds, these two are huge fans of everything that is beautifully geeky… so of course, I loved them. Garen was wearing his ‘thunder cats’ shoes and talked about the Delorean he’s thinking of purchasing. Alyssa talked about Harry Potter characters showing up in her dreams.

The engagement ring was even custom designed by Garen with influences from ‘Dr. Who’ & ‘Lord of the Rings’…. if you’re one of the few getting excited by knowing this, you’ll also be a little ecstatic to know that a tardis is involved in the ceremony next April.

    Had a thoroughly good time on this trip and especially on this shoot. Can’t wait for the wedding in Kansas City next year. 










ending w/ my favorite portion of the shoot…



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