Yokley twins (#4)

Isabella & Addelyn; the final session from their baby’s 1st year plan. As often happens (and this is ok), it’s past a year now… but we’re fine with that. 🙂

This one of those sessions where I laid in the grass/weeds at least 5 times, and endangered my camera by holding it inches from the water down in the creek… and am not sorry for any of it.

You have to be willing to get a little crazy if you want pictures of toddlers that give any essence of who they are. That’s what we’re all about!

this tractor was played with by Doug (the twins’ dad) when HE was a kid. This was the first time the twins had played with it… so fun!

we ended the session down by the creek. They loved the water, and had certainly earned the right to get a little wet/dirty. 

Couldn’t end this post without a little tribute to Doug… thanks for matching my goofiness, Doug. I know. it’s not fair. No-one ever points the camera at me when I’M being that goofy. But you also know what you’re getting yourself into when you do these things around a photographer… heh heh…


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