Tony + Kayla :: the big day

     Tony & Kayla’s big day took place at the one and only Springhouse Gardens, Joplins’ premiere outdoor wedding venue. I’m no stranger to the venue, but I certainly don’t get tired of it…. it is simply beautiful.

   And so are this couple… very, very sweet (and funny) people.

   I first met Tony a few years ago, when he was a groomsman for a wedding I shot for Malachi & Angie. Always a groomsman, never a… 

well, not anymore!

I LOVE my 105mm lens…lets me get some nifty close ups like this one…

trying on the veil for the first time!

a very serious man. Nothing helps a man look suave like a good cigar.

there’s malachi, over there on the left…

beautiful bride!

this is when we gave the LADIES the cigars…and told the men to act like ladies. I think Tony won.

Kayla is pretty much the coolest bride ever, in my books, for doing this…

the ceremony. perfect time of day. We’d had rain all week but were blessed with such a nice, perfect temperature, sunny day!

we DID it!

reception details…

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