photobooth marriage proposal!

    Aaron called me a few weeks back and set something in motion that is, without a doubt, the coolest thing to happen yet at the photo booth. 

    The plan was, he’d sneakily take his girlfriend Emily to the art walk. Then he’d sneakily walk past the 9art photo booth. ‘Let’s check this out!’ he’d say. (And she ended up thinking that going in was HER idea).

They’d stand in line just like everyone else, take a regular pic or two (in our film-noir theme we had going for third thursday, in celebration of our ‘cold brewed’ series)…


then, Aaron would ask me, ‘do you  mind if we snap a quick picture without the costumes?’

I’d say ‘sure’, and then… 








congratulations, Aaron & Emily… and thanks so much to Aaron for letting me be a part of the experience!

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