The Geisers

   Here’s the Geisers. All of them at once. Take a long look, because this is the only picture I’m showing you with everybody in the same picture. It’s just too much adorable to cram them all into one photo any more than this, so from here on, after this photo, it’ll be broken down into smaller, less intense doses of cuteness.

WHEW! So here’s more…..

sometimes, getting a picture of JUST mom and dad is harder than you’d think. 

thats’ why I like a lens that can get in close… 🙂

Individuals, in order of age: 

I told mom to encourage the kids to bring whatever they liked… which meant trucks & capes for the boys, prairie dresses (antique mall bargain!) for the girls. It’s always so much more fun when we have things like this to work around! 

love this very REAL moment. 🙂

another REAL moment… love it. 

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