CARS themed route 66 photobooth, part 2!

Told you guys a few days ago about the route 66 international festival being hosted by Joplin. I was asked to take part by being the professional photographer present at the event to get shots of folks with Mater & Lightning McQueen, brought down directly from Pixar for this week only.

Last night was the drive in: a totally sold out showing of ‘Cars’ with a two hour period set aside for pictures and more. And during that 2 hours… the line NEVER stopped. Not that I’m complaining. 🙂 It was intense, but we had a blast.

[NOTE: if you’re from the Joplin area, and missed the drive in but still would like pictures of your family with Mater & McQueen, the cars will be in downtown Joplin (5th & main) all day saturday; 9art will be there from 5 to 7:30 to take your professional pictures. Check back on our last post for more info!]

Here are the cars themselves: life sized, and get this, remote controlled! You can see the controller in his hand, just barely:



And here’s a few shots from the night. Enjoy!




look closely at the dresses…


6bthis one just makes me laugh.



it’s not ONLY kids who get excited about Pixar movies…





And here’s Michelle & I… WE ARE 9ART! Photo by Whitney Scott of Whitney Scott photography… I could decide whose logo to put on this, since she took the picture, but with my camera… ah well, we went with her logo. 😉
PS, Whitney & David, when you guys read this, thanks for lending out your light/battery when my backup battery failed me miserably. Helps to be friends with the competition, you know it?

10bwe’ll end the post with a shot of the Scotts themselves, and their adorable kiddos (who had a tough time putting the delicious snow cones down long enough for a picture)!





  1. I was the driver for tow mater mc queen. I’m just wondering if yoj are going to send me the pictures. Thank you.

    • Frank, good to hear from you! I actually sent an image to you’re e-mail address a few days ago… has it reached you yet? If not, I’ll definitely find a way to get it to you!

  2. Do you know if these cars will be at any other Route 66 events this year? There is one coming up in Lebanon, we saw the Cars in Galena but then a lot of people started asking where they could see them, I haven’t been able to find any information about these Cars online. At one point there was an article saying they may be in Lebanon, MO but then that website is gone.

    • Hey! To tell you the truth, I can’t give you a 100% certain answer on this, since I had nothing to do with actually getting the cars in place, I was just there to take the pictures. 🙂 To the best of my knowledge though, I don’t think the cars will be back in this area again this year. I know they headed straight to New York the last night of the festival. so it’s not likely we’ll be seeing them again in the four states anytime soon.

      If you still have more questions, I’d encourage you to contact the Joplin Convention & Visitors Bureau… these are the folks that hosted the festival this year and they are the ones that have been in direct contact with Pixar about the cars.

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