Jessica & Caleb :: Mrs. & Mrs!!

Had so much fun at Jessica & Caleb’s wedding.  These are very sweet and genuine people, not to mention just really good looking. Also enjoyed getting out of Joplin to shoot this day in Neosho, Missouri at the Civic  & the Neosho United Methodist church.

Thanks to Lori Marble, Jessica’s wonderful stepmom who was the one to recommend me as a photographer to the couple. Wayyyyyyy back when I went to good ol’ Crowder College, Lori knew me… and she will forever refer to me as ‘sticky boy’… possibly my most ridiculous nickname to date. It was earned bc I was always putting up flyers on campus and the maintenance lady would often complain to Lori about all the tape I left on the doors (yep. that’s it).

Doesn’t matter if a nickname is cool or not… if it sticks, it *sticks*…. 🙂








_011saw this awesome little diner across the street from the church and asked Jessica what she thought about taking pictures here. It just so happened, its’ her favorite restaurant in Neosho. 🙂 Didn’t get a chance to try the burgers at Charley’s grill, but good GRIEF they smelled amazing.


in the midst of pictures, a customer asked if he could photo bomb. See, I’m ok with photo bombs if you just ask first…. _013


_015the interior of this historic church is gorgeous.


one of my favorites!





_022I couldn’t resist… you can’t see them here, but family members were hanging around while we did these last few in the church. Poor Jessica was getting more and more nervous with the ONslaught of ONlookers…


…So I just went with it.




_028it was a fun bunch. They more than made up for being outside on a very hot day.

_029loved the purple sneakers._030

lots of brotherly love. Maybe too much. Maybe too brotherly.

_032if you have a wheelbarrow available as a prop….




my view, + peripheral. _036


_038follow the break for the ceremony & reception… plenty more fun to be had. Including batman.


batman was always lurking somewhere at this wedding.





she just couldn’t believe it._053

family pictures don’t always have to be so stiff.



grand entrance!


catering by Timbered-in catering… absolutely fantastic food. what a spread!




have I mentioned Caleb’s batman obsession? Hence the cake….













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