Route 66 international festival

I shot quite a few pics at this amazing festival here in Joplin a week or so back, and am just now getting to this post!! Been driving me crazy, because I couldn’t wait to share these images after capturing them.

It was such an incredible experience. Photographed kiddos in front of Lightning McQueen & Mater on thursday night at the drive in, then again on saturday night right, around the corner from my studio in downtown Joplin.

The night didn’t end after the cars were hauled away on saturday night… ended up on 3 different rooftops to capture pictures of the crowds for the Joplin CVB (the CVB hosted the festival and gave me the wonderful opportunity to set up the photobooth), then, in a very unplanned turn of events, ended up there until 11 to shoot ‘the Grass Roots’… backstage access and everything. 🙂

Want to know what’s funny? Half-spraining my ankle that night. Did it happen when I climbed a rickety ladder and over a big gap to get to one roof? Or when I heaved myself over to another rooftop from a fire escape to get another shot?

Oh, neither. It happened while I was climbing down some very ordinary, safe stairs.

THAT’S  my answer to people who get nervous when I do dangerous things to get the perfect picture: I’m perfectly fine when I’m laying in traffic, jumping rooftops, or climbing trees… it’s when I’m just walking that I injure myself.

On to the pictures…

These two are some of my favorite ‘photobooth’ regulars from third thursday here in Joplin. Flipping love the expression…


this is one happy boy.


this might be an even happier boy.

_001cThe two fellas in the middle are the ones responsible for controlling/hauling the cars, surrounded by the Joplin PD officers who ‘guarded’ our favorite pixar characters while they were surrounded by people at the event. It was an impromptu picture I had to grab before the vehicles went back into the trailer that night.

_001dDid I mention the cars were remote controlled? Whoa…



Being there while they loaded these up was so surreal. A literal hush fell over the enormous crowd for like, 30 minutes.

_003bGood to see downtown streets packed out! There was a great car show lining main street…



quick capture. This guy is great.


there’s the trailer that Lightning and Mater were loaded onto… it was headed to New York that night.



concert time!


Wait. WHO are the grass roots, you ask? They’re the group responsible for at least a half dozen of your favorite oldies, if 60s music is your thing. Go check em’ out.  ‘oh THAT song and THAT song and THAT song!’ will likely be your reaction…

And they still sound pretty danged amazing for a group that’s been performing for the last 50+ years.






It’s nights like these that remind me I love what I’m doing and it’s absolutely what I’m meant to do. Very blessed!

I’d also like to thank the CVB again for this opportunity and many others this past year…. thanks especially to my good friend Carrie, who is truly helping Joplin REPRESENT! Check out the Joplin CVB facebook page here and become a fan. If you see them post a photo… chances are I took it.

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  1. Dude. I was flipping though your blog and even though I’ve read this post before I just saw the last paragraph. And all I can say is AWWW schucks. (Insert cheesy sort of embarrassed grin here.)
    Thanks for working so hard and being such a HUGE part in bringing my vision to life. It’s been fun!

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