Emma Grace:: session 1

Emma Grace has made her debut! After (sadly) wrapping up 3 or 4 baby’s 1st year packages in the last month, it’s nice to see another one begin. Chad and Amanda are sooo excited about this beautiful little lady… and you can see why.


Got busy and never had a chance to share images from Amanda’s maternity session, so here’s a couple of those (going backward, ha)! We also included Chad’s little boy Will in that session… he is an awesome little guy. Wanted to throw a couple pics of him in as well, since he wasn’t able to be there for Emma’s portraits!




and back to Emma’s session… did I mention that we did these at the airport? Not the first place you’d think of, but such a fun setting. (no, there wasn’t a ‘new arrivals’ sign that would’ve worked… I know what you’re thinking…)







a strong sense of humor is definitely in place here.





 Stay tuned for more shots of this little one as she grows! 🙂

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