baby Hunter at Red Oaks II

Oh man…  Hunter’s fourth session from his baby’s first year package; he is officially 1 year old. The Brashears are one of my very favorite families to work with, and even though I see them regularly, I can’t believe how fast mr. Hunter is growing.  The whole family was there for this one, including proud and loving big brother Parker, who is very gracious about sharing HIS camera time He used to be the only real focus when we first started working together. pay no attention to the punnery.

We did this session out at Red Oaks II in Carthage, MO; a stunning imported village made up of vintage vehicles, buildings, props, and assorted scenery- from an awesome diner box car to an authentic old-school gas station- all brought in by the famed artist,  Lowell Davis.

Lowell drove in while I was walking around and I chatted with him a bit. While a rare less-than-courteous photographer or two have occasionally made things difficult, he’s let his attitude toward photographers remain incredibly gracious. ‘People don’t want to take pictures of me with my paintings, or my sculptures,’ he told me. ‘But they want to take pictures of this place, and that’s such a huge compliment to me as an artist’.

To which I said, ‘I’LL take pictures of you with your paintings and scultpures!’

Hmmmmmm…. another shoot, for another time. 🙂

In the meanwhile, here’s Hunter, Parker, and parents Julie & Ryan.

hunter: baby's 1st year #1

Hunter was photographed in this bowl during his FIRST shoot… needless to say, he fit a little better back then. 🙂


This resident canine really loved people, and didn’t understand why he shouldn’t be in the shot. So I obliged him for one…



hunter: baby's 1st year #9 vintage car at red oaks

hunter: baby's 1st year #8 close up of baby in vintage car

hunter: baby's 1st year #7 brothers in vintage car

Parker was pretty excited about the car…

hunter: baby's 1st year #6 parker in vintage car

hunter: baby's 1st year #4 family portraithunter: baby's 1st year #5 mom and son_024b

hunter: baby's 1st year #3 dad & son

hunter: baby's 1st year #2 black and white close up

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