Mr. Oliver: session 3


Oliver is the too-cute kid of one of my favorite people in the world… Matt Spiel, and his lovely wife Amber. Matt is my official designer, you could sorta say… he tweaked the logo into the beautiful visual creation it is now, and lays out my ads for me (which you can see around town on the bluestream tv’s). Amber is responsible for the neverending stream of chocolate chip cookies at the Spiel home, for which I am also extremely grateful.

This was a fun shoot with a great ‘summer feel’, which was nice to get in before the new wave of fall shoots. Enjoy!

We started off with hats. Really, putting hats on a toddler is more of a game. So I went with that….


there was ONE hat that he stuck with… the fedora. Kids’ got good taste.




Really though, he just wants to bang on his drum all day.



A picture of the Spiels with their huge S.



the crinkle! oh, the crinkle.




We decided to venture outside. Oliver was a little quicker out the door than expected.


These are my favorite shots from the shoot. I won’t take credit though, all Matt’s idea…




Then we went for a walk…



And, ended the shoot on the same note we always end it…. on a meltdown. 🙂









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