the Scotts :: commercial photography featuring… photographers

  Being hired by your competition to take photos of them is kinda cool. Especially when your competition is as fun as the Scotts.


David & Whitney, the couple behind ‘Whitney Scott photography’, are much more my friends than they are my competition.  David’s goofy sense of humor matches up well with mine to lead to pun-wars on facebook, and Whitney’s healthy sense of rivalry leads to ‘I hate you’ comments on photos she likes that I post on my business page. (all in good fun. I think).

Whitney took family pictures for my own clan 2 years ago, and I worked with the Scotts last year on a promotional shoot for Black River Imaging, for an image featured in a 2 page spread in 3 different national photography magazines. The Scotts are quickly becoming pretty hot stuff in the photog world… several recent speaking tours for big-time names in the industry like Sandy Puc.

black river ad
The Scotts called me back in this year to do a new round of fun images in their home,  for which they had some great ideas.

We began with the kitchen. They needed a ‘scene’ which showed the fullness of their lives at home… running a photography business, homeschooling their kids, and maintaining a balanced household.

The setup.  David is in ‘pancake flipping’ stance… Emma is… I really don’t know what Emma is doing.

commercial photo shoot with whitney scott photography

and, the final image (or, at least, an alternate of it):    YES, the pancake flip is real. Whitney told me we could just photoshop that pancake in, and I refused. Capturing things in midair w/out the aid of photoshop is something I’m proud of… but really, I’m more proud of David for this awesome flip.  🙂

commercial photo shoot with whitney scott photography 2

After this, we moved to…

the bedroom.

Don’t worry, no NSFW stuff coming up. Just another literal interpretation of ‘taking your work home with you.’

I DO have a shot of David in his towel though. preparing said towel took a few minutes….


commercial photo shoot with whitney scott photography 3



And we ended on a saucy note… it WAS a bedroom shoot, you know…


That’s it for now. Enjoy the rest of your tuesday!


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