It’s wedding week!

We have a lot of wedding images passing through the halls of 9art this week. (what I mean is going back and forth across hard-drives, but ‘halls’ are much more epic sounding).

So on that note, we decided, it’s WEDDING WEEK for 9art.

9art photography, joplin missouri wedding photographer- camille & Luke's wedding, featuring bride & bridesmaids

What does that mean? Our blog, facebook, and twitter will be devoted to the awesomeness of weddings this week… AND we’ll be posting a special for new brides (those who haven’t booked with us) in the next few days.

PLUS part two of our ‘how to shoot weddings’ blog post. (for photographers)!

I’m going to start this off with a beautiful review that was written by a freshly married couple I had the pleasure of working with a few weeks back.

It started off very sweet. Then it just got better and better… I guess you’ll probably be able to tell which half the groom wrote.

Mark just photographed our wedding this past June, and did a fantastical job.  Aside from generally being a good time, Mark was very professional, and took amazing photographs in a very organic and unscripted manner.  We would certainly recommend 9Art Photography to anyone for any occasion, including tasteful nudes.   Like a man from a distant (read: better) epoch, Mark smokes a pipe, and is more than likely wearing tweed in some way, shape or form.   Mark beckons to shadows, and dances in the light, shaping the environment around him to form fanciful, but practical art.  In short, invite this man into your life, and set him free.  You can thank him later.

Thanks, Kaitlyn & Dak, for giving my week the start it needed. 🙂

9art photography, wedding image from Joplin missouri wedding at springhouse gardens


  1. If my fiancé and I are interested in booking you for our wedding how would we go about that process?


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