EF5:: 1 YEAR

third anniversary:: re:posting this post from 2 years ago (scroll to the bottom to get to links of my original, 2011 post-tornado photo series). Have no new thoughts to add, really… said it all best when the emotion and power of it all was still fresh. Just reminded, again, of how thankful I am.

9art photography - joplin, missouri

   I feel like there may be folks looking to see what I have to say today. At first, I wasn?t going to say anything. After looking through the facebook feed, reading the articles, watching the news? it feels like saying anything is just adding noise. 

   But? I realized not saying at all didn?t feel right. (probably because I have a big mouth). So here is my novel? and yes, to warn you, it IS religious. I?m hoping in a meaningful way, not in an obvious and bible banging kind of way. 

1 year ago, a tornado ripped my town and my home apart. On the anniversary, I find myself just slightly struggling with my feelings. But not for the reasons you might think. 

I?m not sad.

I?m not having any emotional struggles with today. 

I?m just happy.

I don?t at all think there?s anything wrong with the other…

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