the times, they are a’changin (big news for 9art)

commercial work from southwest missouri commercial photographer 9art

I meant to put up about 3 different blog posts last week. Yeah, that didn’t really happen.

Truth is… it’s gotten kinda busy. That’s a good thing, no, a GREAT thing, after a slow summer of me trying to figure out what it is I’m supposed to be doing.

That split image above is pretty representative of how it’s felt lately… piecing together a little bit of everything in my work- taking on some extremely varied projects and trying to determine which type of work I’d like to continue.

Maybe it’s just that tiny, tiny hint of fall in the air, I’m not sure. But things are changing, shifting, cascading (I’m done) in a direction I’m pretty excited about. So I can’t give away everything, but here’s part 1 of a peek into what’s brewing…


So, for years now, my bread and butter has been pretty much the same formula….

#1: Family photography
#2: Wedding photography
#3: senior photography
#4: commercial photography

And I have LOVED it. But over the course of the last year, things have started to shift. Now, it’s starting to look more like this:

#1: commercial photography
#2: portrait photography (families/seniors)
#3: wedding photography

What’s that mean? Does it mean I’m kicking my family clients to the wayside? Not at all. Don’t you worry… if you want me to shoot your family (with a CAMERA!), that is still going to happen.

joplin mo family photographer 9art photography, baby brooklyn's 1 year shoot_0011


What this DOES mean, however- is that in coming years, my schedule for family, senior, & wedding photography is probably going to start filling up faster as I work on a new focus (pun intended).

That focus is commercial photography- which means:



This also means that likely before the year is out, you will see me literally split my business in two. The 9art brand will remain devoted to portrait and wedding photography, serving families and brides as it always has.

But a new brand is also in the works, devoted solely to the aforementioned commercial work. Still in the process of working out the kinks, but I’ve gotten some fantastic advice from established folks like Brandon Hill (if you don’t follow his work, please do right now by clicking the link here) and have begun brainstorming with the ever talented designer Matthew Spiel to work on a new site and logo.

So yeah. If that sounds like kind of a big (and confusing) deal… it is. 🙂 But it’s becoming very clear that this is the right direction to take right now… so instead of spending even one more second hovering on the edge of that cliff tethered in 15 different places for fear of falling…

It’s time to jump off.

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