new JoMo Print series for the Downtown Joplin Alliance!

downtown joplin series, main street joplin sample for 16 x 24 canvas

Exciting announcement to make, in collaboration with the Downtown Joplin Alliance! These are the guys in Joplin that make third thursday happen, that help fund projects to make downtown a better place, and who spend time brainstorming on how to make our downtown generally awesome. They’ve had their work cut out for them, but they’re making it happen and I’m proud to know them.

So here’s the deal… a way to support your favorite local photographer (if that’s not me, I’ll forgive you), support downtown Joplin, and get something awesome out of it.

For a good long time I’ve been thinking about offering a series of prints of some of my work that isn’t centered around people.

I’m not a landscape photographer by trade- my motto has typically been, if there’s not people in the shot, I’m bored- but over the past couple of years I’ve snagged some really fun shots around town that I believe show off the beauty of our fair city. I’m proud of the set I have.

I’m going to release the shots in increments, starting with a specific set of downtown prints that I believe to be living-room-wall worthy. So excited to start the set off with a partnership with the DJA, as 20% of the profits will go straight to them (and therefore, straight to downtown).

I also have a 2nd project lined up with the DJA for closer to Christmas. I can’t tell you what it is, but ho-ho-hopefully it’s going to be an awesome time. 😉


Our LAUNCH for this series is this thursday, during the third thursday art walk– with some of the physical images on display in two different locations:

#1: the 9art Photo Booth in Spiva (third and wall), upstairs

#2: ON main street  (in front of Blue Moon Market, 6th & main)- look for the DJA booth

There will also be order forms in both locations… you can order on-site and get your print(s) back in a couple of weeks.

IF YOU ORDER THAT NIGHT…. you’ll get 10% off on these. You are still more than welcome to order after that by contacting either myself or the DJA directly. Here’s a listing of the possibilities:

•postcards-  $5 / ($15 for set of 4)

•matted 8 x 10s-   $25

•small canvas- 9 x 9-    $30 / ($100 for set of 4)

•medium canvas- 10 x 20-   $75 

•large canvas- 16 x 24-   $100 

Here’s a sample of the images & crops for 2 of the 10 x 20″ canvases (which would look SUPER fun bought together… looking down main street, day and night!)
downtown joplin series, main street joplin sample for 10 x 20 canvas

downtown joplin main street view from DJA series by 9art photography2

Here’s 4 of our 9 x 9″ canvas samples & what they’d look like together…
downtown joplin series, samples for 8 x 8 canvas

So a nice variety of options- from a little memento of the town you can send to a friend, to a full sized wall-art installment- and all offered at a very nice rate.

After our physical third thursday launch, I plan to set up a little sub-gallery on the main 9art website with full options for sizes/images.

That’s the scoop! If you have any questions about these, you can feel free to get ahold of me by e-mailing



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