Spiva partnership

As if there hasn’t been enough going on lately, I had to add just one more… but this one is so fun.  🙂

As many of you know, I’ve been hosting the third thursday Photo Booth upstairs at Spiva Center for the Arts, my town’s mainstay art gallery. It’s turned out to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship with Spiva. I love the folks over there- Shaun, Jo, Linda, and others, who have been gracious and extremely supportive in letting me run ‘the booth’ out of their long established facilities.

Shaun recently approached me with a NEW idea and we were both nearly beside ourselves with giddiness (yes, one of THOSE ideas) after talking it over.


The idea::  I’m just going to quote spiva’s website directly for the official announcement:

‘Teams select a Rockwell illustration to interpret, provide their own costumes and props and pose for a photo October 21. Mark Neuenschwander, 9art Photography, will photograph the reenactments and display them in Spiva’s 3rd Street window gallery. Winning image will be selected by popular vote and will receive a Norman Rockwell prize package. All teams receive one complimentary copy of their photograph.’ [last date to register for this is October 21; the shoot night itself will be October 26].

To break it down: anyone in the community can assemble a ‘team’ (this could be 2 people or 20) to RE-CREATE a Normal Rockwell ‘Post’ cover, in any way they see fit. The interpretation does not have to be literal… you can re-create it as a medieval scene, a ‘dr who’ themed tribute, a modern day re-eanactment… WHATEVER YOU WANT.

The fee per team is $25. And I’m really, really hoping we get a lot of teams to do this. You can grab people from your workplace (if you’re a business owner, this could be a super fun team exercise), do it with your family, brainstorm with some good friends… the important thing is just to do it. Doesn’t have to be complicated- you don’t need to rig elaborate backgrounds or hire professional actors or come up with the world’s cleverest concept- many of the original covers were very simple, and your idea can be as well. The important thing is just to do it.

So who’s in? 🙂

I’ll leave you with this; if you live in Joplin, please go see that exhibit. 323 Normal Rockwell post covers, are on display in the gallery RIGHT NOW and will be up until November 8th. You have one month to look at those covers (whether in person, or through a google ‘norman rockwell post covers’ image search), get inspired, and contribute to this project.

I’ll be working on some personal images in which I create my own Rockwell-inspired scenes, and should have those images up as examples in the next week or so. If you have questions about a possible concept, I’d love to talk with you about it.

Til next time…



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