So why don’t I see you on facebook anymore?


Hey guys. this post is a response to a question I’ve had a lot lately from those who have followed ‘9art’ for awhile. It goes something like this:

‘are you still [doing the photobooth, taking pictures, working in the area, ALIVE]?!  I haven’t seen any posts on facebook in forever!’

My response, in my head, goes something like this, with the words,


The reason for my cursing is that the power of greysku….er…facebook… is overwhelming small businesses and their online outreach. What facebook has done, gradually over the past year, is cut off organic reach from businesses to their ‘followers’. This means, even if you have clicked ‘like’ on the 9art fb page and actually WANT to see what we are posting, you probably won’t see it, at least not after a month or so.

WHY? So that facebook can try and get said small businesses to pay a new fee to ‘boost’ posts… getting the posts into the same number of feeds they were in to begin with (before FB started cutting off the organic reach).

About 1/10th of the folks that originally saw my posts are seeing them now.

This is not a post to complain about facebook. I fully recognize it’s a completely free service that, in all honesty, has been one of the biggest factors in the growth of my business.

That being said, I believe facebook is slowly dying, for several reasons. The first being that people are recognizing their own lack of self control and are seeing that too much time on facebook is replacing too much actually lived life. The second reason is that facebook is, as any business does in the natural progression of things, figuring out how to profit more and more efficiently. This means it is becoming more invasive and also more restrictive for the sake of dollars, especially in regards to businesses. I think these factors and others will slowly lead to the demise of facebook over the next few years as people look to see what the ‘next big social media’ is.

So.. that means I need to plan ahead. Since 90% of 9art’s marketing and interaction (online and otherwise) over the past 6 years has been solely on facebook, I’ve come to lean on it. I can’t do that much longer, because you all- those I’m trying to reach with both the fun stuff and the important stuff- are not being reached anymore.


If you don’t WANT to see what I’m posting- well, why are you even reading this, anyway?!

But assuming you do… assuming  you want to see outtakes like this from my week to make you laugh,


images like this to tickle your eyeballs with delight,


joplin mo senior portrait from 9art photography1


and lots of (hopefully, sometimes) helpful ramblings written for artists, as well as tips just for photographers from someone who’s worked at making a living from this craft for nearly 10 years now…

Assuming these are things you WANT to see, here’s what you can do to keep seeing them.


#1: follow this blog. If it’s important, I’ll probably post it here. And over the next few months, this blog will become as much a source of information and education as it will be a place for me to simply post my work. (scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the ‘subscribe’ button).

#2: add yourself to my e-mail list, using the link below. This list will send blog posts and special info straight to your inbox. This will be especially nice for those who have or are planning on abandoning facebook altogether. And it takes about 25 seconds to fill out.

 ****Signup form***** 

#3: FOLLOW the facebook page. if you ARE on facebook and want to see my day-to-day previews, behind the scenes outtakes, contests and various announcements (during the undeterminable time that facebook still lives) be sure to click not just ‘like’, but also, ‘follow’. This will put us back into your feed. Where we should be. MWHAHAHA!


facebook follow instructions

That’s all, guys. Love you all. Thanks for being here.

Talk to you soon….



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