Rockwell comes to life:: phase 2

You might remember this image I captured awhile back, the first in a series intended to both pay tribute to Norman Rockwell, and to make a comment on the effects of technology of our post-Rockwell generation.


norman rockwell 9art photography technology series, image #1- age of romance
That image was also intended to promote a 2nd idea brought to me by my good friend Shaun at Spiva Center for the Arts. The local Joplin, MO art gallery had a norman rockwell ‘saturday evening post’ exhibit coming to their way, and Shaun asked me… ‘what if people re-created their OWN ‘Saturday Evening Post’ covers and you took the pictures?’

So… we did it. 🙂
norman rockwell post cover contest collaboration with spiva arts in joplin mo by 9art photography_0001b
It’s always a little scary taking on a new idea like this, one whose success specifically hinges on whether or not other people will DO IT… but I’m so, so glad we did, because the community came through. We had 15 final images from 12 teams; and that was pared down from a much larger group of interested folks (some of whom just couldn’t make it that night).

Each team- whether a business, a family, or group of friends- had the option of interpreting a Norman Rockwell illustration (we expanded the guidelines past just ‘post’ covers) in whatever way they liked. They had the responsibility of pulling the props, outfits, and models together for their final image.


norman rockwell post cover contest collaboration with spiva arts in joplin mo by 9art photography_0004b
All images were shot in one evening. Since we had so many people to work with and since part of the idea of creating-your-own-rockwell-tribute meant also creating your own set, we left our background very simple with a plain white paper roll, and used a paint splattered drop cloth (fitting?) as our ‘floor’. I pushed the perfectionist in myself to the side and let people arrange their own ‘sets’, helping them tweak things as we went.

Because this project was different…. it wasn’t about MY photography. It was about people taking part in something different, paying tribute to art by making their own piece. People were super creative, and it was fun to give them a reason to be. We were just there to help them do that.

You can see the whole series on Spiva’s facebook page by clicking the link.

[copyright limitations prevent me from being able to post the full batch of ‘side-by-sides’ w/ the original illustrations on my blog. Here’s the link to the full gallery: SPIVA]
If you feel moved to do so and live in the Joplin area, you should totally go vote for your favorite. Votes are being taken AT spiva (third and wall, downtown) until this Saturday evening.
norman rockwell cover intrepretation- mac vs apple debate

Way to go, Joplin. Let’s keep doing fun stuff together.

More to come….


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